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Sell or Transfer of B Shares of Share

 When you purchase a home with water rights in a well within the Beaver/Shingle Creek Irrigation Company service area, you must transfer certificate of water shares from Beaver/Shingle Creek Irrigation Company into your name.  Once this is done, you must transfer water rights with the State of Utah into your name as well, please follow the steps below. (exceptions, home already established within Kamas City will have water shares, some home within the service area may have Weber Basin water rights)

  1. If You have original stamped Beaver/Shingle Creek stock certificate:
    • Go to step number three (3)!
  2. If You have lost original stock certificate:
    • If lost, have signed and notarized affidavit with certificate # and number of shares from original owner.
    • If owner is deceased or incapacitated 
      • Copy of Death certificate
      • Copy of Will or Trust documents naming executor of the estate and any information relative to the distribution of said water shares.
      • Copy of property documents stating that Beaver/Shingle Creek Irrigation Company water shares were included with the sale. (Certificate number, name of original owners, number shares, etc.)
  3. Have original owner fill out form on back of certificate
    • Who shares are transferred to (new owner)
    • Number of shares transferred
    • Appoint (Beaver/Shingle) Creek to transfer said stock
    • Date
    • In presence of (a witness)
    • Owners signature
      • If more than one owner, all must sign, (John Doe and/or Mary Doe, only one signature is required)(John Doe and Mary Doe, both must sign)
      • If Executor of estate, executor’s signature
      • If more than one executor, all must sign
  4. Bring certificate (or other documentation) to monthly meeting (second Monday each month at 7:30 pm) for transfer into new owner’s name.
    • Transfer is not legal until recorded on the books of Beaver/Shingle Creek
    • It is the responsibility of owner to transfer shares into their name(s).
      • If shares are not transferred to new owner, previous owner is responsible for assessments and costs associated with said stock.
      • If payments are not current, stock may be sold for delinquency of payment of assessment.
    • New owner must provide, name as wanted on account and certificate, current mailing address, phone number, Samak lot if applicable,  to be recorded upon the Books of Beaver/Shingle Creek.
  5. Cost:
    • $20.00 per new certificate issued
    • $5.00 to notarized affidavit at meeting
    • Any questions, please call 435-640-5878
  6. Take new certificate and change Application to the Division Water Rights in Salt Lake City. They will assist you in filling out portions of the form, to download the Permanent Change Application & Instructions form, see link below.  The State will assist you in filling out the form, make a copy of your new certificate, pay the States fee and then you will bring the form back to Beaver/Shingle Creek Irrigation Company for them to sign.  (Beaver/Shingle Creek Irrigation Company is a co-applicant on all water rights and must sign all related water right documents with you, both signatures must be on all forms.)  Once you and a Beaver/Shingle Creek Irrigation Company representative have signed the form, return it to the Utah Division Water Rights for processing, they will send you and BSCIC notice of when application receives final State approval.  
    1. Salt Lake City Office (Main)
      • (801) 538-7240
      • 1594 W North Temple, #220
      • Salt Lake City, UT 84114
    2. Utah Division Water Rights Links