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Welcome to Beaver/Shingle Creek Irrigation Company

BSCIC Summary

Beaver/Shingle Creek Irrigation Company is a community resource for flood irrigation water, well water and water for livestock.  We serve the Kamas, Utah area, from Francis on the South, Marion on the North, West Hills on the west and Samak areas on the East.  You can check our distribution area map in our map section.  We provide water tickets, transfer of certificates, system maintenance and office services.


Meeting Times

Monthly Board Meeting,
Second Monday of each month,
7:30 pm,
396 S. 300 E., Kamas, Utah.

Annual Meeting,
Fourth Monday of February,
2:00 pm, location to be announced
each year, in Kamas, Utah.

Special Meeting Requests
with Board or Board Member
call 435-640-5878!

Shares available for Sale
For a list of Shareholders willing to
Sale shares, call 435-640-5878.

Company Business

All company business is conducted at a monthly business meeting unless special arrangements are made.   The company requires approval of three (3) Board Members to approve, but not limited to,  proofs, applications, certificate transfers, re-issue of certificate, name changes, or crossing applications.   The board requests that you attend a monthly meeting for any business, this make it easier for the board to complete the work and approve requests without having to track down board members.

If You wish to purchase shares for use in our distribution area, go to "Submit Questions" and request a copy of our current list of shareholders who are selling some shares.